My 3 Lives...

Some of the moms over at MayasMom were curious as to what My3Lives meant?

It is my kids and how they are my responsibility and they are my life.

My oldest is 8, around here we call him Beaner. He is such a good kid. He's laid back, loves to read and collect YuGiOh cards.(This I still don't understand!)

Next is my Nana, she is 6, will be 7 in November. I'm not completely sure about that however, it's more like 6 going on 30. She loves school, and making friends, she talks to everyone she meets.

And last but not least is my youngest, who will be 2 in November as well, Sissy. She is so smart, yet so very honery. But we do love her dearly. The faces she makes, oh they are to die for. She at the moment loves Barney, and her brother and sister too.

So this is it, this is my 3 lives.

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