The Never Ending Task of "Pick Up"

It seems like every time I pick something up off the floor and then turn around to put it away, something else seems to find it's way to that very same spot. It's a never ending task that needs to be detained. First things first, we have to figure out why it's a problem in the first place.
  1. It could be that we simply have too much stuff. (This is probably the most direct and concrete reason as to why!)
  2. It could also be the fact that my children take me as the maid who seems to do it all, so why bother.
  3. Or the only other reason that I can think of is that we have a little gnome that lives under the sofa, and each time I pick something up, he replaces it just to get on my nerves!
Well things are about to change. I have decided that it's time to tackle the clutter and solve this problem now. So I start my early, or late?, spring cleaning. If it's not needed and hasn't really been put to good use anytime in the last 30 days, it's gone. Well I better get to work, it's going to take a while to get through all this stuff.

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neighborhoodmom said...

LOL. I can totally relate to pick up and I am just the Nanna!!! My granddaughter comes in and My nice orderly home soon becomes a post cyclone area! I love the gnome idea thogh..heehee...But my Gnome has a name and its Kaylibug!! LOL...Thanks for sharing your post, Hugs Sissy