Parent-Teacher Conferences

As a parent, we like to think that our children are simply perfect. Well they are, right? Right.

Yet, it is always nice when you have someone else to back you up on that. Especially when it is someone as educated as a school teacher.

It is that time of year, and I had my first parent-teacher conference since the kiddos started school in August. I am so proud!

All I heard was how great both of them are in class. They both participate wonderfully, they help the other kids in their class if needed, they listen and pay attention. I mean what's up with that? They don't do that at home??

Anyhow...Nana is in 1st grade, and her teacher absolutely adores having her. What got me was how smart she really is. Not just me being a parent, but by test results. If anyone is familiar with DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills) then you will get this...if not...well I don't know? Anyhow, Nana is way smarter than the average bear. On one part of the testing, phoneme segmentation fluency, she scored off the chart. They had to put a little arrow pointing up near the top of the graph. I may just have myself a Doctor in the makings here. (That's one of her future options...that and a teacher.)

On to Beaner's Report. He is now a 3rd grader, it's hard to believe. His teacher pointed out how well he does with math, she said he works very hard and seems to enjoy all the materials that they are studying. He also is a great partner during group activities. Apparently he is always the one helping to keep his group on task and get it done. This is hard to believe because at home he is quite opposite.

So there you have it, we are off to a good start. This is another reason why I am glad I started this blog, not to brag or show off, that's really not the point, ok maybe just a tad. But this is going to be a great way to look back and see what sort of progress we have made, what may have went wrong, and also find ways to make things better.

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