Baby Steps to A Better "ME"...Step 1-Procrastination

I'm not sure if anyone even reads my blog anymore? I can understand why they may not, I mean I haven't posted anything new here for what seems like forever. And why is that? No real good reason actually. It's not like I don't have anything to say or share. It's actually quite the opposite really. And this is an issue that I have always struggled with for as long as I can remember, and that is Procrastination.

I tend to let myself get so bogged down with everything that I feel needs to be done, so much so that I don't do much of anything. Case in point this blog. It doesn't take me long to jot a little something here real quick, lets say 15 minutes tops. Yet I sit and think about which topic I should talk about first, and then not being able to come to a decision, I simply add it to my "to do" list for later.

As for that constantly growing, never ending, "to do" list...I say to heck with it. From this day forward I am trashing the old list, and vow to start anew, but this time I will start finishing those little pesky tasks that I have there. I think that the idea of seeing that huge lists of things to do really put a damper on my entire day.

So I am starting fresh. Who's with me? All the "little" things I used to simply put off until later, I am going to just do them and get it over with. If there is something that I dread doing, but needs to be done regardless. I will do a little bit each day if I have to, one bite at a time.

Shoot, just by taking this 5 minutes to post here, something of which I have put off forever, I already feel somewhat relieved. What else can I get done today?

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