My Future Rock Star!

"Sissy" is at such a fun age. She is always doing something new and different. She will be turning 2 in a few weeks, but she already seems so advanced. It seems like yesterday she spoke very few words, and today we can get a complete conversation out of her, and we even understand it. (Well most of it anyhow...)

Here she is being my little rock star. We
don't have a drum set like this (it was at Grandpa's house this weekend) but I'm thinking she just might get one from Santa this year. She had so much fun. That's all she did all day. If you notice, she had everything down as well. See her little foot on the peddle? Just like the pros do it! I should have video taped it, only if I had the camcorder? You can't see how she was nodding her head to the beat, banging on the drums, and tapping her foot, all at the same time. My little girl got's rhythm.

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Dana Bee said...

Ahhhh! So cute! I miss 2 years old, my kids were so fun at that age.