The Greed...

I must admit I am feeling just a bit frustrated with how the whole Wii search has been going. Therefore I apologize in advance for the up and coming rant that is about to ensue.

Now I completely understand the idea behind supply and demand. But that still doesn't make it fair. And personally I just think it's all about the greedy getting all they can from us little people. Why you ask do I feel this way? Let me tell you...

It has become clear, or at least I finally see some of the larger picture of it all. I understand that they simply do not produce enough of the stinkin game (Wii) to keep up with the demand of it all. That being said, there are so many people that simply go out, and do what ever they have to in order to purchase each and everyone of the Wii's as soon as they hit the floor. I mean they don't need 10 systems for themselves. They simply are out to purchase them for $250, then turn around and push them on the internet for $400, $500 and more.

I refuse to give in to anyone trying to do this. To me it's just plain old stinky greed. And don't get me wrong, I know that we all need money in order to live, and yes money is great, but to take advantage of someone else to do so is just not right.

Therefore I will continue my search for a Nintendo Wii for my kids for Christmas, but I am boycotting any individual who is trying to sell me a system for more than twice it's purchase price, along with the 15 other systems they have already sold in the past week.

Everything happens for a reason. And if we were meant to get a Wii, we will get one. Patience is the virtue of all happiness.

See I've helped ease myself back into reality. Speaking your mind and getting it out there really does help.

P.S. If you happen to know of anyone or any store with a Wii in hand/stock...I would love it if you snatched it up for me and let me know. lol

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Dana Bee said...

Wish I could help you out, but I'm glad my kids aren't asking for one. I guess they've outgrown it. So, I will wish you luck in your search!