I Can't Believe It's November Already...

Well Halloween has come and gone. That wasn't so bad. I was planning on posting some pics of the kids in their costumes, but that is gonna have to wait until I get a chance to upload them.

You know, my youngest will be turning 2 this Saturday. It doesn't seem like she should be getting so big already. Last night she had so much fun trick or treating. I think she snuck away and ate a little too much candy however, because around midnight or so, I was still online (of course...) and I heard her downstairs as she started crying a little. When I go down there to see what was the matter, she is sitting straight up in bed saying "more candy, more candy." I told her no more candy Sissy and she laid right back down and went to sleep.

While we are talking about Sissy, she has been exceptionally naughty lately. She doesn't try to deny it either. If we say, "who did it?" She tells us, "Sissy did it." We say, "who's naughty?" "Sissy naughty," she says. I can't get mad at her though, I mean she's only being an adventurous toddler.

Her recent doings have involved painting herself with white-out. (BTW...that stuff is really hard to wash off of skin. Don't try this at home!) She has also taken upon the art of coloring on the walls. (Good thing it was a dry erase marker, it wiped off rather easily.) She also likes to prove her point that if she can't have it, then no one can. If one of the older kids leave their drink or what not anywhere she is able to get to it, she will take it upon herself to have some. And what do the older one's do when they see this? "Sissy...NO..." And yep, Sissy dumps it over spilling it all over the floor.

I'm glad that I'm not a person or a mother who worries too much over spilled milk. They are only little once, and when she is grown, none of this would have mattered anyhow. Spills can be cleaned up, and washed away. It's time that can't be taken back.

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