It Never Fails...

It seems like every time I try and throw a Birthday Party for one of the kids at my house, in comes the drama. I'm not sure why? Maybe it's something about my home? Maybe there is some sort of spirit lurking around that refuses to let us have just one peaceful get together?

As you may or may not know, Sissy turned 2 on Saturday. So I decide that I will invite just the immediate family, with the holidays right around the corner, we will be seeing enough of everyone else. So I invite my parents and their spouses, Sissy's dad and his brother and cousins, my sister and her kids, as well as a friend of mine. Nothing too big, I was simply cooking some lunch & we would have cake. All started out okay, but it wasn't long before someone had to start in. You see, my sister tends to be a little loud and sometimes yells a lot. It's something we've all come to expect and ignore. But my step-mother decides to get all pissy about something and start in with my sister, then leaves outside and walks to the store, refusing to talk to anyone. I'd like to point out that my daughter was the one who just turned 2, regardless of how others were acting.

But it wasn't only that, my mother decided that there was something else that was more important to do then showing up at her granddaughters birthday party. They had to go "scouting" for prime hunting ground. I mean seriously?

And this isn't the only party that has ended up so. I won't go into much detail, but a few years ago, when we decided to have my nephews party here at my home, it got a tad bit nastier. That party ended up in someone going to jail, due to someone getting "accidentally" stabbed in the hand, and all of this was because people were arguing over who was going to take care of my nephew. (Mind you, neither one of those people was his mother??)

So needless to say, I don't think I will ever have another birthday party here at home. Why take the time to get everything ready and clean up, when we can just go to Valentino's or something and let them do all the work.


drewsmom said...

Sorry you had such a crappy time on what should be a joyous day. Just celebrate by yourselves next time.

maria87 said...

im sorry to hear that! they need some growing up???

Rachel said...

Oh! Poor you!!! We're planning my 3 year old's 4th birthday for the 17th and we are NOT having it at our house!!
It will get better. Just celebrate somewhere else with just friends :-) LOL! Sometimes they are much better than family!!!
Have a wonderful day!

Sonya said...

Can't say I blame you for not hosting anymore parties. It sounds like a stressful experience. It's a shame that people have to behave this way. We all have someone in the family who leans toward being a bit of a trouble maker. Hope your daughter had fun despite all of the adults.