It's Almost 2am...Why do I do this?

I have a tendency to get so deeply involved in what I'm doing that I lose any track of time. As we speak it is almost 2am CST and I have decided that before I go to bed I need to post a little something here on my blog.

Tomorrow, or actually, Nana's birthday. I can hardly believe that she is 7 years old. Time does fly by. I can still remember when she was just a little, innocent, quiet girl. That has all been lost, nah...she is still my love and my life.

As for Thanksgiving, we lived through it. It actually went by without any major family disturbances and everyone got along pretty well. We ate lots, and watched some movies, and just hung out at my aunt's house.

And then it was Black Friday, day of the wonderful sales, and crazy people who get up and stand outside in the cold, just to see what sort of deals there are to be had. I admit, I was one of those crazies, but it was worth it. I have pretty much all of my Christmas shopping done, all I need is a few little odd and end things for the stockings. Oh, and the Wii...silly me can't read I guess because the ad I was looking at, the whole reason I was venturing out that morning, well it happened to be for Thanksgiving day? Oops...oh well, K-Mart is suppose to get a shipment of them in tomorrow, I mean today, and I am hoping to get one then. If not, I suppose there's always ebay.

Back to our experience with the Friday morning shopping madness. So my sister and I ventured out to ShopKo at 4am. We stood outside in like 10 degree weather, and even witnessed a woman in front of us have a diabetic seizure and fall over and hit her head on the concrete. All of this so that we could get our hands on an mp3 player, well actually 3 of them, for only $20, regular price $70. So I freeze my rear off, outside for like 45 minutes, and when we get inside and make our mad dash for the items on our list, I'll have you know, there were no more mp3 players. How could this be? The stinkin store only had 6 total. SIX! Now what was the point of even advertising that??? Oh, I know, so that silly people like me will line up at 4 in the morning, and then purchase other items as well, because you have to make it worth the while.

Either way, we did get some great stuff. All of the kids got 2 items each for gifts, we bought like 20 DVD's (I have a huge collection of dvd's, I can't help it...) Anyhow...I also got a new vacuum, a memory card, and I'm thinking that's it. But I only spent roughly $150, so not bad.

I'm just glad that I'm done shopping so soon. I am usually the last minute shopper, desperately trying to find that much needed item. But not this year, this year I can relax and enjoy myself. We even got the Christmas Tree up and decorated, and the presents are wrapped as well. (Oh, minus one that Sissy decided to open today. Luckily it was only my nephews and we can fix it. )


winslow1204 said...

Glad you got some great stuff, even if you froze to get it:)

Sonya said...

I wish I could convince someone to get up and go BF shopping with me! I never get to go because I don't like going alone.

I hate when stores advertise things and only have a few on hand. I really think that stinks! I wish I had got up to get a new vacuum since mine is about to die!

Glad you got your shopping done. I'm secretly jealous!