This Is Just Absolutely Awful...

I am not one to post much about current events and such, but this is just so terrible that I feel I need to share my thoughts on it and hopefully if anyone ever thinks of raising their hand to a child, especially in such a forceful and evil way, they will think about what the end result could be.

Many of you may have heard the story already, it's about 'Baby Grace' and you can find the ABC Story here. It truly makes me feel sick to my stomach that a mother could let this happen to her child. If you have not yet heard of this story, here is just a brief summary, it's hard for me to even try to explain and I was not even personally involved, oh it's just awful.

It happened in Texas, Houston I believe. But long story short, if you want the details, you can read the story. A mother, who is 19 and her husband, 24, of which she met on the internet and moved to Texas with in June, beat the little 2 year old girl to death in July mind you. They hid her body in a shed for some time, then put her in a box and dumped her in the Galveston Bay. All of this supposedly because she would not say "please" and "yes sir?"

And even if the mother is claiming in her story now that it was him that beat her little girl, I believe that she is just as much to blame, even if she didn't lay a single hand on that girl. (Which I highly doubt.) But she stood by and let it happen and did nothing to protect her. She didn't call an ambulance when her baby stopped breathing, or when she was thrown across the room and fell on her head.

You know my Sissy just turned 2, and I can't even begin to imagine how awful that was for that poor little girl. She was 2 for goodness sake. She shouldn't be proper and polite, she is still a baby.

I could go on and on about all the things that are just plain wrong, and how this is something that should never happen to anyone. But all I'm going to say is this...if anyone ever gets to the point where their child is annoying them so badly that they feel beating them is the answer, I assure you it is not. And I'm sure, regardless of how evil any person is inside, this mother is never going to be able to get over the fact that she watched her little get beat to death and did nothing. That memory is permanently embedded in her soul, never to be forgotten. All it would have taken is a simple phone call. That's it. Who cares if they would have gone to jail from the marks already left on the poor child's body. That child would still be here, and I'm sure their time would have be not nearly long enough in the county jail. I pray that they sit and rot with the constant memories of what they did forever. It's just something you don't do, hurt an innocent child.

There is always help if you need it, all you have to do is ask.


southernmom said...

We've been watching this story for weeks now. I started crying when I first saw the Baby Grace story and then two days ago they announced that they believe they know who the little girl is. The story came out, and I cried again. It is heartbreaking. The body was found in Galveston bay which is just a couple of hours from us.
There are so many tragic stories just like this one out there.
Thank you for posting this.

Petula Wright said...

Very sad! Since I have three little ones (and have had four altogether) I can't imagine treating a child with such torture. I can only think about what her last thoughts must have been. She was probably so confused. I'm glad she'll be properly laid to rest ...