Update on My Search for a Wii...

Okay so I had my little ranting moments today, and all for good reason I believe. And I still can't believe that I am so determined to get one of these simple games for my kids that I am doing the searching and investigating that I am. I am also starting to see how great it is that I am actually doing this blog. In a few years when I look back on today I'm sure I will roll my eyes and say to myself, " can you believe that you did that?"

Anyhow, what I found out today was this...apparently Nebraska is one of the places that tends to have a terrible shortage on items such as the Nintendo Wii. Because in one of my ranting sessions, and pleading with everyone I know online to help me find one, I get a response that changes everything a bit. In Michigan it appears that they don't have the shortage issue? Interesting isn't it?

I also must have been thinking crazy a bit because I actually sent a message to a complete stranger on ebay in hopes that he would feel sorry enough for me and be willing to sell me a Nintendo Wii outside of the cut-throat auctions on ebay. It was a long shot, but I figured what the hay, not much to lose.

I ended up getting a better response then I was expecting. He says he may just be willing to do that, what was I looking to spend, and he would see what he could do. When it was all said & done, we didn't actually do a deal. But he did give me some really great pointers on how to get one.

According to him, Wal-Mart receives shipments about twice a week. And if I just keep calling frequently, I should be able to catch one sometime between now & Christmas. He also explained some of the reasons that it is costing them so much on ebay. With the high cost of gas, along with ebay fees, shipping & insurance fees, paypal fees and all that it takes to get them out there, I guess I can understand a little bit.

Either way, the majority of my previous rant concerning people jacking the price up more than double the purchase price, actually resulted from a search on craigslist.org. And yes, it was in Nebraska, thought I would give it a shot and I did find many people who had Wii's to get rid of. And I think the cheapest one I say was $400. That's what gets me. And they are local or very short driving distance, so there aren't any of the other fees involved and they are still asking that sort of price for this. That is what is outrageous to me.

Either way I think all will work out well. Actually a team member of mine, who happens to live in Michigan, and will be going out shopping tonight or tomorrow anyhow, she is going to keep her eyes open and hopefully we will get one that way if needed. This way I can pay that $250 it costs, plus tax and then shipping. It just may be the best way to go.

Wow, that was definitely longer than I had hoped....again. I will keep you all posted in regards to the craziness that is brewing around here.

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