What to get your kids for Christmas?

I love Christmas, well for the most part anyhow. Family gatherings tend to not always go so well, and having the family that I have, too much time together is never a good thing. Other than that, I do love the holidays.

I especially love getting gifts for everyone, especially my kids. I know that they probably have way more than enough toys and gadgets already, but with all the new stuff that they are constantly coming up with...I'm like a kid again myself.

I have decided that this year however, instead of getting them a whole swarm of different things, I am going to get each of them one really good gift or at least a themed set of stuff that works together. (If that makes any sense at all?)

For Sissy, who just turned 2, and at her check-up appointment, the doc says she needs to be on a bit of a diet? I know she's a big girl, but honestly a diet? She weighs 41 lbs. Her sister was that big at like 14 months. And you have to realize that this little (big...) girl, at 2 years old, wears a size 9 shoe. Even the kid at Foot Locker said he had never seen a girl so young with such large feet. She is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Anyhow, since we are suppose to do all that we can for this weight issue...I have decided that she is going to get the Fisher Price Smart Cycle-- It's a stationary bike, a learning center, and an arcade all wrapped into one system that you simply plug into the tv. How inventive is that? And it's not too terribly priced...just under $100.

As for Nana, I'm not quite sure what I'm going to get for her. She will be turning 7 at the end of November, but there's not much that she voices her opinion on, except for the fact that she thinks she needs a cell phone. You have got to be kidding me, a cell phone in the 1st grade?? I may consider getting her an iPod of her own, beings she is constantly taking mine, and you know having all those cartoons and goofy kid stuff that is flowing out of my iPod on an ever growing basis, it would be nice to have an all adult version for myself again.

And Beaner...the 8 year old, 3rd grader, who at this age is all about stuff that can put a damper on your pocket. He had decided some months ago that he definitely wanted a 4-wheeler for xmas? Seriously?? I have no idea what these kids are thinking? Anyhow, his dad states that he can get them at wholesale anyhow, so he begins to think it's a possibility.

But recently he has been focused on wanting a Nintendo Wii. I mean who doesn't want one of these bad boys. I guess when you think about it, it would be beneficial to the whole family, I mean it is a game that makes you have to get up and move. Definitely a possibility. Just a little set back at the price tag on this item, which can range from $300 and up.

I'm curious as to how others do their gift buying as well? Do you go all out and spend way more than you know you should? Do you have a set number of gifts that you get each child? Or is it just a simple last minute...oooh this looks neat...sort of thing?


oh amanda said...

My daughter is only 2 (well, almost) so I don't even think I got her a Christmas present last year! Her grandparents did so well, it was kind of pointless. But a wii sounds good to me--exercise for the youngest, an electronic device for the middle and then the big ticket item for the oldest! Win-win!

Sonya said...

I usually get cheap but cute things for stockings. As for gifts, I try and get the girls one large item and then I'll get other things if I see something useful. Since the girls are 13 and almost 9, they have grown used to this and it works out well. There's no sense in spending a lot of money since they have grandparents that always get them a little something. Plus, we don't have a whole lot to sink into gifts. One large gift is plenty.