Update on what's been going on around our house the past few days...

As of right now, it is officially 2 more days until Christmas, a busy yet exciting time. I actually can't wait until Christmas morning so the kids can finally get to open the presents that have been sitting there, teasing them under the tree for the past month. Not only that but it will give them plenty to do over their 2 week vacation from school.

As for other happenings...My father was admitted into the hospital on Friday afternoon. He has pneumonia & his left lung is nearly full of liquid & his oxygen level was considerably low. They expected him to stay at least 2 days, so I will check here in a bit to see how things are progressing. My sister recently moved up to my dad's house with her 2 kids. So when she called to tell me the news, she was crying and upset, telling me that they had admitted him. I'm not sure if it's me, maybe I'm just a ruthless witch? But I just didn't feel the need to cry like that. People get sick & they get better right? So am I an awful person because I don't break down when I hear that my dad is in the hospital?

Other than that, not a whole lot has happened out of the ordinary daily issues that I so often deal with. Oh...I did get a new stereo/dvd player put in my van from the children's father. I think he is trying to kiss butt, but kiss away, will make me no difference either way. Now we are just waiting for him to put the drop down screen in the back so that they kids can watch movies and what not, keep them busy during road trips. I mean he does own the store, and has tv's in all of his vehicles, so why not?

Well I plan to go get a battery charger for my camera today so that I can take plenty of pics to share with all of you here. So there you have it! I shall return....

You would think that the immature games that teenagers play would be a thing of the past for me...

apparently it is not....

Here's the thing, and I will try to keep this short and sweet, but it needs to be said so that hopefully someone will agree with me and I can know that it's not me.

For those who may not be an active reader of my blog, here's a bit of background on me. I am a single mom of 3, ages 8, 7 and terribly 2 at the moment. I also work from home, oh and don't forget about boy scouts & girl scouts, and well you get the picture.

So...I'm getting the picture that no one understands how busy I truly am. Not anyone around here anyhow. They seem to think because I am at home I can do what I want when I want. Wrong! My time is precious and has to be spent just right or all heck breaks lose and I start to stress out.

So today, and this happens all the time, but today I am on the phone speaking with a lady who called me in regards to working from home and what I do, a future team member I expect. But anyhow, so I am on the phone with her and I get a beep, it's call-waiting. Oh, it's only the kids' father. Not important, it can wait. But noooo, it's like hang up & call back, then call cell phone, and then house, and cell and house, house, house. Like I said this happens quite often and every time it is the same crap. "Whatcha doin?" Are you kidding me???? I am doing what I have to do in order to support myself and my kids because that is my responsibility and I don't seem to be getting much if any help from anyone else....this of course I have restrained from saying out-loud because there is no point in wasting yet more time on something that has been said a thousand times over and still doesn't seem to sink in.

Then as I begin to be a smart-***, I mean who wouldn't be right? He wonders why I get so "crabby" with him or why I have an attitude problem. (Here we go again...) I ask, "what is so gosh darn important? What's the emergency?" *uhhh, blank stares* "What is it that just couldn't wait? Do I not have caller id and voice mail? Don't you think if I wasn't busy I would answer the phone? And if I was busy, I would call you when I wasn't?"

Seriously, I am constantly talking and no one is listening. Because it's not only him. My mother does the same thing as well. I don't know what it is with them and calling non-stop until you finally answer after 45 calls, only to find out all they would say is "What are you doing?"

Welcome to my life!

Maybe this is my problem?

Maybe I should have quit while I was ahead?

Oh my goodness, my youngest has been quite a handful recently. I'm not even sure I know how to handle it because the older 2 were, from what I see now, perfect angels. I have been blessed because all 3 of my kids have been healthy, well-behaved and overall no real issues to deal with. (Yet...) But now, I'm telling you, this little girl does anything and everything that she is not to do. Granted she's only 2, and I would say she doesn't know any better yet, but she tends to be smarter than the average bear. (Not to brag...moms don't do that...) But honestly, she knows what she's doing, she even has no problem in owning up to the fact that she is responsible for each and every one of the mishaps. She will even go as far as to come tell me, "look what Sissy do." I mean seriously, what am I to do?

It's every single time you turn around for a moment, she is into something. I have never had to childproof my house, ever. They just didn't get into stuff that was not meant for them. Don't know how to explain it, there was no formal training involved, but they just didn't do it. Now though, we have a situation on our hands.

Sissy is constantly messing with the ornaments on the Christmas tree. Last night she threw 2 of the bulbs down the stairs to the entryway and of course they shattered. Not a huge deal, they can be replaced. But the fact that I am constantly cleaning up another mess, or the fact that if someone was to get cut from walking through a mess like that, I don't know.

She also likes to find whatever liquid sort of substances she can and covers herself with them. If she gets into the bathroom, she uses the shower gel. If she finds "white out" she paints herself with it. If she finds pens or markers, that too.

I'm not kidding, this little one is sneaky but does it in such a way that it's hard to get upset with her. And overall, as long as it's not anything that will hurt her or anyone else, I have always been one to let it slide in a sense. (Not real big on discipline...) I don't think that yelling does any good, so I don't do that. (Well not often anyhow.) And I don't believe in hitting (beating) your kids, I mean they are just kids for goodness sake.

Oh who knows...I guess we will have to just see how this one is going to play out for now. And I better not take too much time here, she took off out of my view a few moments ago and there is no telling where or what she could be doing.

A 7 year old who thinks she's a Queen...

Kids go through stages, this I know, but it doesn't mean that we have to like all of them. And the one that Nana has recently joined, well it better not last long. She isn't doing anything terrible, she just has an attitude that she is better than all and she should get whatever she wants in return. I hate to burst her little bubble, but that is so not happening.

It all has sort of snow balled since her dad got home in June. (If you don't know this story yet...here is a brief overview over in a Journal entry at Mayas Mom.) He isn't living here yet he tries to pretend that he is actually doing his part in taking care of the kids. He is able to justify that by buying them "things." Whatever they want really. Point in blank, he takes Nana shopping for her birthday last week and she gets some jeans, a shirt and a new coat. What got me as insane is that new coat that she got is a white, yes I said white, South Pole, parka type with fur around the hood and all. Why in the world would you buy a kid a white jacket, do you not know that white is the absolute worst color to get for kids? His answer was "well that's the one that she wanted."

You get the picture. But now I have to really put my foot down because she is starting to show her "diva" attitude and I don't care for it. When a friend of mine picks her up from Girl Scouts on Thursday because she had not given Nana her birthday gift yet and does so then, Nana looks at her like what the heck is that and says "is that it?" Now none of my kids have ever been that way before. They are always happy with what they get, and it can't be because she didn't like it. Shoot she was hounding me from the moment she walked in the door to open it for her.

Either way, I had a little talk with her and hopefully that will be the end of it. We will definitely see. I always use the how would you feel if.... I tell ya, it works wonders.

My final update concerning that darn Wii...

So after many, many, many hours of diligent search, all to no avail, I finally sat down today and came up with another solution. It appears that it is going to be almost impossible to get a Wii before Christmas unless you plan on paying one of the evil pirates double what it cost at the store, and well I'm not about to give in to that.

On to plan B. We don't really need to have a Wii(I mean the kids' don't need one...) but it does seem like fun. Not only that but I am so sick and tired of seeing thousands of toys all over the place, things they so badly wanted and simply got tired of them and they are left in the bottom of the toy box. So what else could I do? Maybe wrap a photo of a Wii and leave a little note that this is what they get for Christmas, oh sometime in January. (I hope anyhow) But I came up with a better idea.

Through my search for this darn thing, I did learn a lot about it and also that you can somehow link or play Game Cube games through the Wii also. Now we do not have a Game Cube, but Beaner has mentioned more than a few times that he would like one because my aunt has one and he plays it every time we go there. So....I won me a Game Cube tonight on ebay for less than $100 with a few extra games and all. And I figure he will still be excited & then later on down the road when the excitement has died down on the Wii's, then possibly we can consider it again.

So I am finished with my gift shopping and now can sit back & relax. (Yeah right!)

Being a Single Mom isn't what it's all cracked up to be...

I initially started this blog so that I could hopefully help other single moms realize that it's not as awful as it seems at first. In fact, I often wonder if I don't have it better than some married women? In my personal experience, having a "man" around only meant more laundry, more work and in ways, just another child to care for. Don't get me wrong, there are benefits to having a relationship. I just think that I have gotten too used to not having anyone else to answer to or to rely on and then be let down. Our life is planned (not always...) but everything just sort of flows.

In fact, there are many married women of which I think have it way more difficult then I do. For example, the many women who are living in a abusive relationship day in and day out because they have no idea what else to do. They live in fear every single day and to me that is the absolute worst way to live.

Then there are the women who's husbands are deployed overseas and they are simply waiting for the day when he walks back through the door and is home. They too have the constant worry but in a much different way, they have to wonder if all is well? Why hasn't he been able to call for the last 2 months? Sitting by the phone waiting and worrying. To me that too is not a fun way to have to live your days.

When people find out that I am a single mom with 3 kids and that I work from home, they are in ways set back by it. They praise me and tell me that I am so much stronger then they could be, and how do I do it? All I have to say is, I am not any stronger nor do I have any special talents than you do. You just have to make the most out of what you have and realize that there is always, always, someone who has it harder than you do at any given moment, and whatever it is that you're going through, it too will pass.

Oh the Ice...

We knew that it was going to be nasty weather this weekend, they warned of an ice storm and as you can see, he popped his ugly head, just as planned. And the worst thing about it is that I really should have went grocery shopping yesterday.

However, it is nothing compared to the one we experienced last year. So many lost power due to the massive amount of heavy ice that took down power lines all over the place. There were communities that went without power for weeks and even a few for more than a month. It was terrible.

So this is what we woke up to today. As you can see, there is no way I am even attempting to get all that ice off of my van, it's going to have to melt itself off first.