A 7 year old who thinks she's a Queen...

Kids go through stages, this I know, but it doesn't mean that we have to like all of them. And the one that Nana has recently joined, well it better not last long. She isn't doing anything terrible, she just has an attitude that she is better than all and she should get whatever she wants in return. I hate to burst her little bubble, but that is so not happening.

It all has sort of snow balled since her dad got home in June. (If you don't know this story yet...here is a brief overview over in a Journal entry at Mayas Mom.) He isn't living here yet he tries to pretend that he is actually doing his part in taking care of the kids. He is able to justify that by buying them "things." Whatever they want really. Point in blank, he takes Nana shopping for her birthday last week and she gets some jeans, a shirt and a new coat. What got me as insane is that new coat that she got is a white, yes I said white, South Pole, parka type with fur around the hood and all. Why in the world would you buy a kid a white jacket, do you not know that white is the absolute worst color to get for kids? His answer was "well that's the one that she wanted."

You get the picture. But now I have to really put my foot down because she is starting to show her "diva" attitude and I don't care for it. When a friend of mine picks her up from Girl Scouts on Thursday because she had not given Nana her birthday gift yet and does so then, Nana looks at her like what the heck is that and says "is that it?" Now none of my kids have ever been that way before. They are always happy with what they get, and it can't be because she didn't like it. Shoot she was hounding me from the moment she walked in the door to open it for her.

Either way, I had a little talk with her and hopefully that will be the end of it. We will definitely see. I always use the how would you feel if.... I tell ya, it works wonders.


mellowed blues said...

Wearing a white coat while it's snowing? Very dangerous. Drivers can't really see you when you are wearing white.

Petula Wright said...

Oh my goodness! Yes, you have your hands full with this stage. I hope it passes quickly. Keep having the talks though they'll sink in soon!

You're doing a great job! Sounds like you're being very patient with her.

Anonymous said...

Hey I have a totally unrelated question that maybe you can help me on.How would you deal with your seven year old telling you she doesn't think you love her because you always yell at her and not her older brother or younger sister? Yet she is the sassy one that is extremely hard headed and has no problem letting you know that?

~Crystal~ said...

In Response to Anonymous~

At first I honestly thought that you may be someone I know who was trying to pass me a sign of sorts.
My 7 year old is the sassy one, with an older brother and a younger sister. How freaky is that?

As for handling the issue of her not believing that you love her, well it just can't be true. She knows that you love her and from what I have found with my own daughter, is that it's 1. a way to get attention & 2. they sometimes just need to be reminded more often than others how much you do in fact love them.

There have been times when my kids have told me they hate me. That is hard for me to take in & not want to scream at them. But I just tell them that "well I still love you anyhow." And that's it, no more is said and it doesn't escalate.

Sometimes when we react harshly at things of this sort, it only makes them do it more. I'm no psychologist or anything but I do believe that it has to do with the fact that we as parents generally hold the control card, and if they find that something gets to us, they will then use that as a way of feeling like they have that control.

I do feel for you though, because I know if your 7 year old is anything similar to what mine is going through...oh my.