Maybe I should have quit while I was ahead?

Oh my goodness, my youngest has been quite a handful recently. I'm not even sure I know how to handle it because the older 2 were, from what I see now, perfect angels. I have been blessed because all 3 of my kids have been healthy, well-behaved and overall no real issues to deal with. (Yet...) But now, I'm telling you, this little girl does anything and everything that she is not to do. Granted she's only 2, and I would say she doesn't know any better yet, but she tends to be smarter than the average bear. (Not to brag...moms don't do that...) But honestly, she knows what she's doing, she even has no problem in owning up to the fact that she is responsible for each and every one of the mishaps. She will even go as far as to come tell me, "look what Sissy do." I mean seriously, what am I to do?

It's every single time you turn around for a moment, she is into something. I have never had to childproof my house, ever. They just didn't get into stuff that was not meant for them. Don't know how to explain it, there was no formal training involved, but they just didn't do it. Now though, we have a situation on our hands.

Sissy is constantly messing with the ornaments on the Christmas tree. Last night she threw 2 of the bulbs down the stairs to the entryway and of course they shattered. Not a huge deal, they can be replaced. But the fact that I am constantly cleaning up another mess, or the fact that if someone was to get cut from walking through a mess like that, I don't know.

She also likes to find whatever liquid sort of substances she can and covers herself with them. If she gets into the bathroom, she uses the shower gel. If she finds "white out" she paints herself with it. If she finds pens or markers, that too.

I'm not kidding, this little one is sneaky but does it in such a way that it's hard to get upset with her. And overall, as long as it's not anything that will hurt her or anyone else, I have always been one to let it slide in a sense. (Not real big on discipline...) I don't think that yelling does any good, so I don't do that. (Well not often anyhow.) And I don't believe in hitting (beating) your kids, I mean they are just kids for goodness sake.

Oh who knows...I guess we will have to just see how this one is going to play out for now. And I better not take too much time here, she took off out of my view a few moments ago and there is no telling where or what she could be doing.


Claire/Sophie said...

her and my 2 year old would get along great!!!

Dana Bee said...

Ride it out! I promise you will miss those days in 12 years. You WERE really lucky with the first two. She is the normal one! I know it makes life hard at times, but IT WILL end.