My final update concerning that darn Wii...

So after many, many, many hours of diligent search, all to no avail, I finally sat down today and came up with another solution. It appears that it is going to be almost impossible to get a Wii before Christmas unless you plan on paying one of the evil pirates double what it cost at the store, and well I'm not about to give in to that.

On to plan B. We don't really need to have a Wii(I mean the kids' don't need one...) but it does seem like fun. Not only that but I am so sick and tired of seeing thousands of toys all over the place, things they so badly wanted and simply got tired of them and they are left in the bottom of the toy box. So what else could I do? Maybe wrap a photo of a Wii and leave a little note that this is what they get for Christmas, oh sometime in January. (I hope anyhow) But I came up with a better idea.

Through my search for this darn thing, I did learn a lot about it and also that you can somehow link or play Game Cube games through the Wii also. Now we do not have a Game Cube, but Beaner has mentioned more than a few times that he would like one because my aunt has one and he plays it every time we go there. So....I won me a Game Cube tonight on ebay for less than $100 with a few extra games and all. And I figure he will still be excited & then later on down the road when the excitement has died down on the Wii's, then possibly we can consider it again.

So I am finished with my gift shopping and now can sit back & relax. (Yeah right!)


Dana Bee said...

Great Idea! Way to go! I have bought a total of 1 present so far!

Good Girl!

Shannon said...

Great plan!

(Keeping this shorter than my last comment. He he.)