The Britney Spears Drama...

You'd have to be blind not to see all the headlines in regards to Britney Spears. It's terrible. I could care less about what new issue she is facing, but this morning as I was online, I came across the most recent happenings, in that Britney was taken to the hospital. I'm not sure why I even clicked on the link to the video, but either way, I did and what I saw was a bit disturbing. I mean as the ambulance was trying to leave, Britney in tow, there were so many reporters and photographers surrounding them trying to get that first good picture of Britney's meltdown. They would be right in front of the slowly moving ambulance as it etched forward, almost to the point of running them over. Good thing it wasn't a true emergency in that they needed to rush anywhere.

Like I said, I could care less about what is going on in her personal life. But in that same regard, I think it's terrible the way that she is constantly in the face of the public. There is absolutely no privacy, ever. Every single time she attempts to go anywhere, she is completely surrounded by photographers. I can't imagine living life that way. And to add to the trouble, imagine going through your very own personal crisis, and having each and every detail picked apart and spread throughout the world. How could anyone possibly get better with all of that to deal with?

She may not make the best choices, and yes she does need some help. But for goodness sake, give her the peace to do so. We all make our own mistakes, the only difference is that ours are not broadcast for everyone to see. We can put them behind us, but with Britney, it seems to be a never ending, constant reminder of everything that she does wrong.

I'm not completely sure that I wouldn't behave in the same manner if I was in her shoes? Well maybe not the exact same, but I would have gone nutso a long time ago I'm sure.

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AKC34ME said...

I think she likes to be in the public eye to some degree, if you see the pictures of her being loaded into the ambulance she is smiling... If they leave her alone for a little while then she will stop the antics. Kind of reminds me of children, any attention, even bad in the eyes of some is better than none at all!