Yes, it's after 3am and I am still up. Why is that? Because I decided that I wanted to start working on my taxes and hopefully get them filed asap. I am planning to use Turbo Tax this year because so many have stated how well it works. You see, in previous years I have always used H & R Block's online software, and it seemed to work just fine, well at least that's what I thought.

So anyhow, I can't find my printed copy from last year, so I log in to the H & R Block site to access my return there. Now, I guess I'm not one to pay a great deal of attention to everything, including my tax return. I assumed that the information I put in there, for example my dependents, would just be where they were intended to be. Well apparently not, because as I was looking over my return I realized that the only child listed as a dependent was my youngest, Alyssa. The other two aren't even anywhere on my taxes, nowhere.

Now I think that I need to file an amended return, especially since it probably would benefit me in terms of the earned income credit and maybe even the child tax credit, that would have been incorrect beings that I have 3 kids not 1. But I don't even know if an issue like that is cause for an amended return or not? And I am not paying $20 to H & R Block just so I can ask one of their tax advisers. Maybe you know? If so, please share.

You know it's stuff like this that really gives me a headache. Just a bit more work and another thing that is piled on to my must-do list. That and the fact that I really need to set up a system of keeping all my receipts and what not organized for tax time. Being a home business owner we can write off every expense pretty much that pertains to our business, as well as some home related costs as well. You have to keep all of your receipts and such to do so, and I have the majority of it, but it's all just kind of thrown together and it has to be itemized pertaining to the category it falls in.

So that's why I am up at 3:30am...and hopefully will be heading off to bed in just a few.

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living4idenitity said...

ahhhh, yes, taxes....I do feel your pain! In 2006, I ran a home day care for the 3 summer months, so that I could stay at home with my kids and not pay day care for 3. So, I decided that there was no way that I could do my own taxes because I had soooooooooo many expenses. Anyway, since I have started 2 home businesses last year, AND...my "real" job I keep receipts and mileage, I decided...


When I was doing mystery shopping a few years back, I paid an account $40/mos to keep my books and then I paid her about $200 to do my taxes. I know that this time it will be more, But...I figure, having to do stuff for 3 things, it's not going to work. PLUS...everything will be tax deductable next year. YEAH! hehehe

I wish you luck with Turbo Tax. I used it for 3 years in a row and it did really good. Never had any problems with it. So...good luck and have fun!!!!