Alyssa's Very Own Haircut!

I suppose the idea of cutting their own hair is something most girls make it a point to do while they are little? And yes, Brianna also cut her hair when she was around 2 years old. But it was just one big chunk right in the middle of her forehead.

Alyssa however managed to make it a bit harder to cope with as you will see in the pics below.
Just for the record, it was 3 days after her 3rd Birthday, of which was Nov. 3rd (yes I know it's January....) I had just finished taking a shower & as I started my walk down the hallway I starting seeing chunks of hair all the way to the living room which is where I found Alyssa, surrounded by a mess of hair on the floor. I didn't start yelling, but more so crying. Just ask here & she'll tell you that "mommy cried" when she cut her hair.

Before the "Haircut" she had long, beautiful hair that was just about to hit her waist line....

Here's some Before pics...
And the Aftermath...

As you can see, she cut chunks out EVERYWHERE... Out of the front, the back, the sides... So there was no way to fix it except to just cut it all short.

Her new name is "Butch" as it seems to fit well with the hair-do.

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