Telling Brenden about his Father...

So for the last week and a half I have been going crazy, worrying over how I was suppose to tell my son (who is 10 years old mind you) that he has a father he never knew existed until now.

I decided when he was just a baby that I would rather do what I had to do in order to raise him alone, than to force someone who wasn't ready and didn't necessarily want to be involved at the time, into being a part of my son's life. It was a choice of whether I wanted to have to possibly see my child hurt, wondering why his father wasn't around when he wanted him to be, etc. or I could go it alone and I did just that.

I figured when the time came, or when he would ask, I would tell him the truth. And that's just what I had to do today. Only he didn't ask. It was his father who had come forth and asked to be a part of his life.

And this may be just what Brenden needs? I don't know how it will all transpire? All I do know is that I have been thinking about this non-stop for over a week, trying to find the words to tell my son that he had a father he knew nothing about, words that would come out and make it all seem okay.

But after having told him I realize that I should know better than too worry so much, my kids are good kids, and I should have known he would understand and be okay with it as long as I was. He actually seemed excited to know that he has brothers & sisters. But it wasn't just how well he took it, it was what he said next... He says, "gosh mom, this is really going to change my life isn't it?" That's when I realized just how grown up he had become.