The Drama of 10 year old girls...

If I had only one wish, I think it would have to be that I knew anything and everything about being a parent, that I knew all the answers and what to do in any situation, and that my kids would grow up happy, healthy and respectful beings.

You know when I was 10 years old I don't remember having to deal with any drama, not yet anyhow. But the things kids know & do nowadays is a bit more than I prefer to deal with.

Like any parent I constantly worry about my kids getting hurt, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. And peer pressure, and trying to fit in. I think I'm doing a decent job at making sure my kids know right from wrong, and I know that they will goof from time to time, they are just kids. However, I just hope that they are never, ever mean to other kids or put others down just to try and fit in somewhere.

Today all of this has come into play and I'm not exactly sure what to do exactly? Here's the deal...Brianna (my 10 year old) has some friends from school, one of which is rather rude at times, and I worry about her and what might be going on that I don't hear about. But today her friend "m" called to see if she could go play at her house, I let her and all was okay, or so I thought. Come to find out, rude girl friend, we'll call her "c" happened to be there hanging out also.
Anyhow, friend "m" was leaving somewhere & Brianna came home. Now, both these friends have Facebook pages and Brianna bugged and bugged me to get one so I finally agreed to let her, but I was going to have full access to everything. I realize now why I didn't want her to have one in the first place, but in ways I'm glad that I was able to see what I did.
So she gets on Facebook and then starts getting instant messages from these so called friends. Telling her that they hate her and calling her fat. The insults just kept on and on. Brianna doesn't know all of what was being said because as soon as she told me about it, I started acting like I was her to see what or why they were being that way, and told Brianna she didn't need to know what was being said because it was just mean, rude stuff and that she would no longer have a Facebook page, nor be friends with them.

So now I'm trying to decide whether I should call this girls mother or just go over there and tell her face to face. I've already copied the entire im so I could show her. But being a mother, if it was my child acting like this I would want it brought to my attention because it's simply not acceptable.

One of the worst feelings is that of when you see your child being hurt, and this is the first time and I'm sure not the last, I'm just so not looking forward to what may come. Pray for the best!

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Shannon Smith said...

I hope this worked out. Andrew's had to deal with kids bullying too many times. I don't understand it. I don't remember kids being as mean when I was his age as they are today.